Elevating our Discussion on Racism

The time is now to get involved in community conversations about race relations. This article is a recap of the Community Conversation on Elevating our Discussion on Racism held at the South Norwalk Library on July 27, 2018. Panel moderated by Kevin Knight with panelists covering perspectives from corporations, religious leaders, and community activists married with local audience engagement.

10 things to tell yourself when rejected

After a week of receiving multiple rejections (or no thanks), I thought I’d write a post on what to do when rejection knocks on your door or lands in your email or mailbox.  You get the idea. You can run but you can’t hide. We all get news that we wish was otherwise at some point. It’s what we do as a next step that demonstrates our resiliency and contributes to our success.

6 things to do when life tries to declare you knocked out!

Sometimes life hits you with an imaginary impactful punch that feels like one Mike Tyson might have delivered in his heyday.  That’s right, a pretty hard punch. Have you ever had those moments where it felt like there was a conspiracy to knock you off your positive perch? I’ve had those moments more often than not. It really takes work to stay on your path.

A Star is Born

As I exited the studio, I took a minute to celebrate the moment.  I had done it.  Hurray Me! Somehow it felt like this was the beginning of a new chapter and that there would be more of these moments in my future.

Dear Rebecca

Dear Rebecca,

I’m writing this letter to revisit a question you asked me in a recent conversation about running a feature on my book.  I responded with feet in mouth struggling to capture a 30 second palatable sound byte or low hanging fruit that had you wanting more or better yet scheduling me for a full blown feature in our local paper.

Slow down, you move too fast

We are already midway through January 2018 and I want to say to the time, "slow down, you move too fast."  Seriously, it is.  If you're like me, you're feeling like whoa, I better get a move on to achieve those goals.