The Power of Owning Your Career Podcast

Simone Morris is host of The Power of Owning Your Career Podcast. Each month, she features a guest who is definitely demonstrating behaviors to powerfully own their careers. The intent is to provide an empowerment opportunity to learn from those mastering the skills necessary to succeed in your career. Be sure to join us and listen where podcasts are available.

Season 1 Episodes:

Get inspired in episode 4 with Becky Mollenkamp. Becky says her formula for owning her career is about courage + connection + curiosity (my values). She encourages listeners to pivot until they get it right. Here are links to bonus content on Mastermind resources.

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You can reach Becky on her website.

Heneka’s Formula for Owning Your Career: 

  • Recognize what didn’t work, fix it, and move on.

  • Make sure your recipe includes your purpose (get clear on your purpose in life). Know who you should be serving and serve them well. Recognize you are not for everyone.

  • Connect with your tribe (those called specifically to work for)

  • Define your own formula for success

  • Put your blinkers on/Stay in your own lane (essentially stay focused)

  • Celebrate milestones/successes and keep going

Connect with Heneka on her website or at

Marty’s Formula for Owning Your Career: Know your why, create a vision, have a plan and work your plan. Her advice for successfully owning your career: Take small steps each day. Don’t be afraid to start. Just start. There’s power in movement.

Connect with Marty on her website or Instagram.

Introduction episode with Simone Morris. Learn how the podcast came into being.