A dynamic speaker who empowers and motivates professionals with strategies to win in their careers.

Let my passion for inclusion, career ownership, goal setting and action planning inspire you for greater success!


I give signature talks on Career Ownership and Advancement, as well as Strategies for Inclusive Leadership. 

Signature Talks

#InclusionMatters: 8 Best Practices for Inclusive Leadership

Let’s talk about Diversity and Inclusion. The topic is becoming one that cannot be avoided. Surveys like Working Mother, Top 50 Companies for Diversity, and the Corporate Equality Index tell us it continues to be a game changer and competitive advantage. So perhaps you’re saying to yourself. Yes, I know. We’re improving our slates to include a more diverse representation. Great. Now let’s talk about Inclusion. Or at least that’s what speaker, Simone Morris, is going to talk about. Simone will shine a light on 8 best practices for inclusive leadership during her keynote.

Key Objectives:

  • Learn why Inclusive Leadership is OUTRUNNING Diversity as a skill

  • Gain 8 Best Practices for inclusive leadership

  • Discover 3 things that get in the way of fostering inclusion


The Power of Owning Your Career: An Eight-Step Framework for Career Success

Is your career empowering or draining you? Do you own it—or does it own you?


In this engaging and interactive professional development talk, you’ll be given the winning formula to take full ownership of your career. You will learn how to break your career goals down into a strategic career action plan, pick up ways to toot your own horn to achieve measurable, bank-able results, and grasp the necessity for building key partnerships for career success. .

Key Objectives:

• Discover the role you play in your career

•Learn the importance of partnering with Sponsors and Key Stakeholders

• Uncover several tools to catapult your career to the next level

Achievement Unlocked: How to Achieve Your Goals by Strengthening Your Accountability Muscle

Do you reclaim your fondest goals on New Year’s Day every year only to find that, as the year progresses, competing priorities and an apparent lack of sufficient time force you into the same old routine so that making progress toward them appears futile?

Without accountability, it can appear almost impossible to achieve the goals that promise you improved work-life balance and less stress. But by spending time with a life coach who will focus on empowering you, you’ll head home with strategies for effective

goal setting, and concrete steps to build your accountability muscle so you’ll achieve more.

Key Objectives:

• Develop your unique Wheel of Life so you can focus on setting the right goals

• Understand the importance of accountability and the role it plays in reaching your goals

• Discover why you should have an accountability partner to keep you on track so you reach your goals


Today more than ever, leaders have to embrace Inclusion as a part of their core capabilities. The world at large has taught us what happens when Inclusion is not working as intended. The workplace experience as we know it ceases. The new workplace will call for leadership improvements that equate to inclusive leaders, recognizing the importance of equity across the board.

Leaders are tip-toeing around afraid of the implications of saying and doing the wrong thing. In this talk, I will begin by sharing the state of diversity and Inclusion in 2020. After that, I will hone in on eight best practices leaders can adopt to foster inclusive cultures.


The key takeaways for the audience include discovering what gets in the way of promoting Inclusion in the workplace, ideas to nix exclusionary behaviors, and gain best practices for inclusive leadership.

5 Tips That Organizations Can Leverage to Amplify Black and Brown Employee Voice

A host of organizations (i.e., Nike, Apple, PayPal, and IBM) have rallied their support for racial equity and championing black and brown employees in the workplace. Others are still perplexed at what actions they can take outside of sizeable donations.


One example of this is the challenge Wells Fargo faced from backlash around their CEO's comment regarding Black talent acquisition. How do companies reboot Diversity & Inclusion to amplify and support black voices?


In this talk, I will share five tips that organizations can take to help these communities. The audience's key takeaways are tangible ideas that they can action to move the needle to create more Inclusion with black and brown employees.

Show You Care: Six Ways to Help in the Fight Against Racial Injustice

The gruesome unnecessary inhumane death of George Floyd at police officers' hands in Minneapolis, Minnesota, sent chills through the nation. Racial equity demanded attention and results as it became evident that black and brown identities threatened others without any wrongdoing or any penalties. The struggle continues, and the workplace has to respond accordingly.


In this talk, I will outline six tangible ways organizations and individuals can fight against racial injustice. Specifically, audience members will learn how to show they care, how to come across as authentic, and courageously stay accountable in this quest.

Pandemic, Panic, and Your Profession: Navigating New Norms While Winning at Work

Whether you like it or not, 2020 is impacting careers in the workplace. While your employees are trying to stay focused, turbulence persists with remote working and external influences that call for survival mode.


What can you do to support your employees as they navigate these new norms?


This talk's key outcomes include empowering your employees to believe that they are responsible for their careers, discovering the three P's for Career Success, and how to craft their formulas for career success.


Simone facilitated a Women’s Leadership Center workshop on goal setting and action planning. Not only did she deliver useful content, she made everyone in the room feel comfortable, which made for a very engaging session!

Lauren McNally
Head, AMA Women's Leadership Center

What her clients say…

“I highly recommend Simone as an engaging speaker and/or facilitator who will energize your teams and encourage great dialogue.”

Marie Mann

Senior Vice President,
Human Resources

“I had the pleasure of working with Simone as a speaker for one of our webinars. Simone was very professional, detail-oriented and easily met our deadlines. Her session went smoothly and got great feedback from our audience as well. Simone is very passionate about diversity and an informative speaker!”

Hayley Panagakis
Connect Association

"Her delivery was exemplary. By combining humor, examples, and an informal but highly focused presentation, she demonstrated her command of communications principles and gave her audience immediately useful take-aways."

Kimberly Boskello

Southern Connecticut SHRM

Speaker, Facilitator, Moderator

and Panelist.


Career Management

  • Women|Future Conference

  • The Big Connect 

  • Black Speakers Network

  • Stryker Corporation

  • Ellevate Network

  • Connect NYC Conference

  • National Sales Network, Connecticut

  • Diageo

  • Connect Faith Conference

  • American Management Association Women’s Leadership Center

  • Connect New England Conference

  • Mondays at 7 Networking Group

  • District 53 Toastmasters SpringConference

  • Power Strides LLC Conference

  • Norwalk Library

  • Trumbull Library

  • Women's Mentoring Network

  • The WorkPlace

  • Quinnipiac University

  • Westchester Community College

  • Grow 2.0 Entrepreneur Conference

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers

  • 2020 ILSHRM State Conference

  • Tri-State SHRM Annual Conference

  • Women in Business Summit

  • DisruptHR Charleston

  • Southern Connecticut Society for Human Resource Management Luncheon Keynote

  • Southern Connecticut Society for Human Resource Management HR Professional Development Summit

  • The WorkPlace

  • Working Mother Media: Multicultural Women's National Conference

  • Association for Talent Development International Conference & Exposition

  • Connect Diversity Conference

  • Connect Market Place Conference

  • Sacred Heart University Stamford and Bridgeport Connecticut

  • SAP Radio Interview

  • South Norwalk Library Women’s History Month

  • Southern CT Society for Human Resource Management

  • Stamford Senior Human Resources Roundtable

  • Fairfield University Business Breakfast: “Strategies for Enhancing Diversity in Your Organization”


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