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We value your interest in hiring Simone Morris to support your meeting or event. To ensure we provide tailored support that meets your needs, we kindly request a few minutes to outline your requirements. Once we receive your input, we will promptly follow up with instructions on how we can best support you.

Please consider the following points as you outline your needs:

  1. Event details: Provide a brief overview of your meeting or event, including the date, time, duration, and location (virtual or in-person).

  2. Desired outcome: What specific outcomes or objectives do you aim to achieve by involving Simone Morris in your event?

  3. Topic and content: What specific topic(s) would you like Simone Morris to address? Are there any particular themes, challenges, or areas of focus that you would like her expertise to cover?

  4. Format and duration: What is the preferred format for the engagement? Do you envision a keynote speech, panel discussion, interactive workshop, or another format? Additionally, please specify the desired duration of the session.

  5. Audience profile: Who will be attending the event? Please provide insights into the audience's demographics, roles, interests, and any other relevant information that can help us customize the content and delivery.

  6. Additional requirements: Is there any additional information, specific requests, or customization needed for the session?

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